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We - the PRS Family Trust - are an owner-managed private equity and asset management company, operating as family office. The people behind it have been working together for many years on the implementation of various opportunities, due to their expertise with a special focus on real estate in Germany. Our services cover the entire spectrum of the value chain of a property: from project development to management services to successful exit. The focus of our interest is our adopted home town of Berlin, and this for two reasons: For about 25 years, we have, with successful real estate projects, made a small contribution to the development of the city. Hence we are particularly pleased by the fact that Berlin has gained a leading position by both European and worldwide standards.


Berlin is one of the most future-proof metropolises in the world

(PwC „Cities of Opportunity“)

Berlin has once again become one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the world, evoking an almost magical fascination. The German capital is distinguished above all by its quality of life. This is reflected, among other things, in the growing number of workers in the creative field, three universities, sound infrastructure, fluent traffic flow, an intact environment, sustainable living, an attractive cultural scene, and low cost of living. Furthermore, it is one of the easiest cities in the world to find affordable housing. Although Berlin is not yet an economic behemoth, the city is of great political and cultural importance for the country. The future-oriented city of Berlin is not only becoming more and more interesting for young people. Especially in recent years, Berlin has become a magnet for national and international entrepreneurs, and nowhere else are so many new companies being founded. Many large companies and start-ups are drawn to the capital. In the aftermath of the Brexit, a large number of major firms are looking to relocate, with Berlin topping the list of attractive locations.